An Interior Design studio based on the Central Coast

Jabiru Design, founded by Angela Zlatar, is an interior design studio specialising in Residential Renovations, Kitchen Design, Bathroom Design & Lighting Design.

Since completing her Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture at the University of Technology in 2004, Angela specialises in renovating and reassembling interior space. Applying design psychology and architectural concepts to your home’s interior. Everything within this pre-existing shell can be re-structured if necessary. It can range from minor building reorganization to total refurbishment. Angela balances the art and science of designing an interior space, whilst taking into account all elements of the build.

Based on the Central Coast NSW, Jabiru Design providing a full design service from initial concept creation, right through to construction documentation and project management.

Angela’s company, Jabiru Design, draws its inspiration from a native Australian stork knows as the Jabiru. The impressive Jabiru is Australia’s only true stork. To become airborne, the Jabiru has to run a distance before he takes off with running jumps, finally soaring upwards on the thermal currents. This procedure is similar to the archetypal ‘flying dream’ where one runs to gain the speed and momentum necessary for take-off. The ‘running before take-off’ theme is represented in your vision for your design project. Jabiru Design helps you gain momentum with your project, so that your vision can run, leap and take-off.

Find your vision. Run, leap and take-off